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Roar in the Mountains Tombstone Hearse

Custom motorcycle hearse manufacturer onsite at Roar 2009.

Roar in the Mountains Rock Wall

:: Tombstone Hearse ::

[Friday, Sept. 18 - Sunday, Sept. 20]

Tombstone Hearse Company provide an alternative to the traditional motorcar hearse for Motorcycle enthusiasts and bikers looking to provide a motorcycle funeral procession for their dearly departed.

Tombstone Hearse Co. has been featured in many motorcycle magazines around the world and has been on exhibition at many funeral trade shows and motorcycle events across the country. Tombstone has also been on various news casts, the Fox & Friends morning show, along with many other radio talk show hosts.

No matter what the reason for choosing a Tombstone Hearse coach, it always turns heads and brings recognition to any establishment who uses these works of art. Tombstone Hearse will be onsite all weekend at Roar in the Mountains 2009.

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